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Tippsey Belouve
Featured Panelist
Tippsey Belouve is a seasoned panelist traveling all around Ohio to bring his shows of laughs and frights to new faces. Known as one creepy storyteller folks come to hear the tales he spins late at night and the jokes he tells throughout his shows He was glad to have his first break at Minicon, presenting odd games which are unbelievable till seen, such as Cho Aniki. Since then he has been going strong for eight years. Over the years the variety of panels has only grown as he does deep dive into rpg series, has folks read the very…’best’ fanfic, and more. When not visiting conventions for the weekend, he is a weekly streamer on Twitch as Tippsey_Belouve. Above all he is thankful of every fan and supporter he meets, and has made giving them a memorable and new experience each time his driving goal!
Byron "sarge" Pepper
Featured Panelist

Byron “Sarge” Pepper, emerged from the snowy banks of Michigan six years ago to give a set of panels at Colossalcon, breaking the mold to bring RPGs and Tabletop to the anime circuit. There was a lot of interest to begin with when he told the masses how to DM fairly with his first panel, and was quickly invited back for another year with how popular the panel was. Now, with 5 years under his belt, and a plethora of panels, he is ready to take other cons by storm and bring the good word of fun back to tabletop, but also to help make panels exciting again! Sarge is a veteran Dungeon Master of many campaigns, both playing and GMing, but also headed up a 150+ person living community centered around Shadowrun for 2 years as GM Head and Lore head. He’s streamed his games on Twitch and Youtube and just wants everyone to get along.

Ghost in Blue
Music Act

Ghost in Blue is a J-Rock cover band based out of Stow, OH. Making their second appearance at Nyancon, they hope to deliver a performance that will leave you saying “Oh man, I’m glad I saw that Blue Ghost thing!” Keep an ear open for some of your favorite anime tunes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Erased, and more! Stick around afterwards for fine dining and deep conversations while gazing deep into the stars… (Make sure to check out their new album, ANIMATE!)

Ghost in Blue is:

Sean Goodrich, Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Thomas O’Malley, Bass
Joe Studer, Lead Guitar
Jordan Solitro, Drums

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Artist / Speaker

Florkofcows is a webcomic artist who started up in 2016 using the simple medium of Microsoft paint in order to show others they can make content as long as they have good ideas. Many popular memes have stemmed from his work including the “Hey man see that guy over there?” Meme in 2017.

You can find his comics at his website!

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Lady of Rohan

Linds, known as Lady of Rohan online, has been cosplaying at conventions since 2007, and modeling since 2012. As an avid gamer, she loves recreating outfits from her favorite series and getting into character. Her favorite genre is horror!

Her cosplay has been featured by Kotaku, as well as companies such as Capcom, Naughty Dog, and Bethesda. She also frequently participates with costumed events at Mentor Barnes and Noble. When not cosplaying or attending conventions, Linds can be found writing, Twitch-streaming,  cuddling with her cat, and creating unique jewelry pieces inspired by video games and nerd culture.

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Samurai Dan & Jillian

Dan Coglan, a.k.a. “Samurai Dan” and his wife, Jillian are the acknowledged masters of marital… er, MARTIAL mayhem. This dynamic duo travels the civilized portions of the U.S., bringing their unique show to curious and horrified audiences alike. This is their SECOND year at Nyancon!

In addition to their high-energy, mostly safe stage shows (where razor-sharp blades and barbs fly) the couple teaches historical and hysterical panels on the way of the warrior. Offering a wide range of lectures and interactive workshops, Dan and his lethal love Jillian are guaranteed to provide con attendees with fun and fulfillment.

Due to a supreme lack of filter, Dan also performs stand-up comedy and lives to embarrass his wife onstage, in censored and uncensored settings.

A storyteller at heart, Dan is finishing his third horror novel, and offers insights into the creative process with panels for the aspiring writer as well.

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