Vendors & Artists

Last Updated: June 8th, 2022

Vendor & Artist Applications are closed!

Our Artists & Vendors are a huge part of what makes Nyancon successful! In the past, we’ve had over 2,500 attendees, and they’re all looking to spend money! That’s where you step in.

Submission of this application is not a guarantee of entry, nor is it a first-come first-served basis! The Dealer’s Room is juried, which means we review all submissions and decide approval based on the variety we want to be able to provide for our attendees. Both Vendors and Artists may NOT sell anything that could be deemed NC-17 or above. This is a Lakeland Community College guideline and any individual found breaking this rule will be immediately banned from the current and future events, as well as Lakeland Community College. (Plus, please! Won’t someone think of the children!?)

Approved entrants will be emailed around May 9th. Those accepted will then be asked to send a payment to reserve their spot no later than May 23rd. Those denied will be wait-listed and in the case of cancellations they may be asked to fill in. Artist rates include one (1) badge, whereas vendor rates include up to two (2) badges. If there are any further badges needed, they can be purchased during table selection/payment.

To keep everyone safe, please carefully read the below agreement. Any questions regarding this agreement should be directed to [email protected]

General Agreement

Any violation of these rules in this document can result in ejection from the event without refund. The terms of removal and notification are at the sole discretion of event staff. A warning may be given as a courtesy, but is not guaranteed.

Any Exhibitor caught selling, advertising or otherwise dealing any goods or services deemed illegal under Federal, State, Local and Venue will be ejected from the event without refund. All Exhibitors will accept full responsibility for the collection and payment of any local, state and federal taxes.

Vendors are required to provide any documentation required by law. Fans For The Future LLC will not be responsible for notifying of any such responsibilities. Failure to provide such documents upon request will result in being ejected from the event.

Fans For The Future will not be responsible for any loss, negligent or otherwise. The vendor is responsible for the safekeeping and management of the booth. Any events of theft should be reported immediately to a security team member or a Lakeland Community College Police officer.

All Nyancon, Lakeland Community College policies will be followed. These can be found on each of the organization's websites.

Content and Inventory regulations

Adult items are prohibited. Adult items include: Sexual figures, sexual prints (IE. Ahegao products), Extreme Nudity or Violence, and more. This also includes bladed items and other dangerous items that would otherwise be restricted from entering the event. Nyancon Staff have the right to ask you to remove an item if it is viewed as breaking this rule.

All bootleg, knockoff, ingenuine or otherwise third party products are prohibited. There will be no warning regarding the regulation of this policy. This includes statues, figures, keychains, bookmarks, etc. Artist made products are exempt from this rule with certain exceptions (IE. Copyright infringement)

All food products must have a factory seal and you are fully responsible for ensuring the safety of any such products. All products must be within the expiration/Use by date. Homemade food products are prohibited.

Gambling or games of chance are prohibited. All entries must be awarded a reward of substance. Games of random reward, such as gashapons are permitted.

Grab Bags/Loot Box must be sold in a quality manner. The Cost of the Grab bag/Loot Box must be equivalent to the retail price of the products common method of sale(IE. Import site, Big box store).Proof of this equivalency will be required to be presented at the request of staff. Theme, Vague description of contents and any potential allergies must be clearly listed (IE. Gundam shirts, statute, or keychain and contains peanuts and soy)

Products for the use of illicit substances are prohibited.

Items used to produce fire,explosions, pyrotechnics are prohibited.

Products listed that may pose a safety hazard or cause significant disturbance to the event will be prohibited. A staff member will politely ask you to remove these products from sale.

If any amount of reselling occurs at an artist table, the artist will be charged the remaineder of the vendor fee plus a correction fee at staff discretion.

Am I an artist or a vendor?

  1. I sell handmade goods
  2. I offer commissioned art
  3. I sell merchandise that I purchased and am selling at an increased price
  4. I sell merchandise to advertise an organization
  5. I act as a spokesperson for a non-profit, convention, or similar organization
  • If you sound like 1 or 2, you are an artist
  • If you sound like 3 and 4, you are a vendor
  • If you sound like 5, you are an exhibitor. Please email [email protected]
  • If you offer a combination of 1-4, then you are a vendor
  • If you have additional questions please contact [email protected]

Artists Table-$75

Artist will receive:

  • 1 6-foot table

  • 1 chair

  • 1 included badge at check-in

Vendor Table-$125

Vendors will receive:

  • 2 6-foot tables

  • 2 chairs

  • 4 badges included at check-in


An invoice will be sent to the email given during the application, full payment is required 30 days before the event. After that deadline your table will be opened to the waiting list. If you claim your table, if available, after that deadline a late fee may apply.

Please pre-register any additional badges you may need. The Vendor check-in staff can assist you with redeeming your badge.

Tables are NOT transferable. If you are unable to claim your table, it will go to the next person on the waiting list. No Step-in vendors will be allowed.

Vendors must be checked-in one hour before the doors open to the public. No Vendors/Artists will be admitted after this time. It is simply too dangerous for carts and large totes to be navigating the crowd. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Due to safety concerns, ABSOLUTELY NO PAYMENT will be accepted at check-in.

This agreement may be changed, altered or otherwise adjusted to ensure the safety and interest of both parties. Any modification to this contract is inclusive to a previous approval and is not subject to notice. No compensation will be given due to changes in the agreement.