About Us

Last Updated: April 25th, 2022

Mission Statement:

To bring an affordable, inclusive and ever growing convention for all to enjoy.


NyanCon is a one day anime and pop culture convention run by Fans for the Future, sponsored by the Active Society for Animation Preservation of Lakeland Community College. This event is a place where people can feel free to express their passions in a fun and supportive environment. We bring in local and national celebrity guests to host panels, presentations and signings. In addition we organize smaller talk presentations, costume contests, charity raffles, vendors room and much more.

We believe in promoting diversity in every form whether it be race, sex, gender, religion, fandom or nerdy pride! We limit cost so that every extra dollar gets put into the attendee experience. NyanCon continues to focus on bringing new, exciting content and experiences to give back to our community.

Parents guide to NyanCon:

NyanCon is a one day, affordable event where attendees can express their inner passions. Whether it be any number of fan groups, hobbies or wanting to be around others like them!

NyanCon is held at Lakeland community college is appropriate for all age groups, our schedule is always marked with three age groups.Green for all ages, yellow for 13+ and Red for 18+, all adult content will require an ID to enter.

We work with the Lakeland police department and college administration to ensure that all attendees have an amazing and SAFE experience. We strictly enforce a no tolerance policy for any type of bullying or harassment. Lakeland police offer the “Lakeland Safe” app available on Android and Iphone,where you can discreetly alert police to a dangerous situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about you or your child attending NyanCon please reach out at [email protected]

Attendance Records (all records are approximate):

  • MiniCon 2013: 150+
  • NyanCon 2013: 500+
  • NyanCon 2014: 1200+
  • NyanCon 2015: 1500+
  • NyanCon 2016: 2300+
  • NyanCon 2017: 2400+
  • NyanCon 2018: 2400+
  • NyanCon 2019: 2500+