What is Nyancon?
NyanCon is a one-day, local anime and pop culture convention in Northeast Ohio sponsored by ASAP (Active Society for Animation Preservation) of Lakeland Community College. With live performances, cosplay, vendors and artists, all fandoms are welcome at the best Caturday ever!
Where is Nyancon?
Lakeland Comunity College
7700 Clocktower Dr
Kirtland, OH 44094
Nyancon gets a bit brighter with Caz Fhey!
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Caz Fhey, or The Pastel King as he’s commonly referred to as, is an American social media makeup artist and cosplayer who specializes in styles such as Pastel Guro. Spending his time on new and unique looks, Caz also creates exciting and exclusive Patreon content. With an online fan base of over 150,000, Caz has inspired big names, such as, Cosplay Queenbee Jessica Nigri, to do their own looks based off of his aesthetic and hopes to inspire others as well. You can follow Caz on his Instagram, or back him on Patreon here!

Nyancon 2017’s Cosplay Hunt!
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Cosplay is a staple at many conventions and Nyancon is no different. We’ve heard your concerns about the lack of a cosplay contest, and we wanted to go ahead and start explaining what will be happening with Nyancon 2017.

In the past, we’ve held cosplay competitions with just a few prizes. While the prizes were higher stakes, we often felt that there weren’t enough people confident enough to enter into contests. So. This year we’re trying something a bit different. This is by no means how Nyancon will operate in the future, but this is a year of trial and execution.

Throughout the hours of 3pm-7pm, various Nyancon staff will be on the lookout for exceptional cosplay. These staff members will hold special cards that selected cosplays will be given. If you are given one of these cards, simply take it to Con Ops to receive a prize! There are no over-complicated rules, any cosplay is fair game! The only rules being that Nyancon guests/featured cosplayers are unable to win a cosplay prize, and you can only win one prize this year!

But Nyancon Staff, how many winners will there be? What are the prizes? 

There will be 8 (Eight) $25 Visa Gift Card winners, as well as 2 (Two) $50 Visa Gift Card winners. You will also receive a framed certificate stating just how awesome your cosplay was!
We know there are some concerns, and we’re listening! Our biggest goal with this was to reward more cosplayers for their creativity and amazing costumes. We can’t wait to see the creativity this year, and in the years to come. If this ends up being a huge flop, we promise to take that into consideration for future years!

Want to be a hero? Volunteer at NyanCon!
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Want to be a hero yourself? Volunteer at NyanCon and get a free badge and more!

As a volunteer, you have the flexibility to work the hours you want and enjoy the rest of the convention experience. The following are the rewards for being a true hero!

2 hours of volunteering: Free badge that you receive once shift is over

4 hours of volunteering: You receive the above perks and a free meal from breakers(our cafeteria)

6+ hours of volunteering: You receive the above perks and an official NyanCon T-shirt and our eternal catitude(Gratitude 😉 )

If you have any questions or concerns about becoming a NyanCon Hero, please contact us at [email protected]

Click the link here to apply to be a volunteer


We took our time announcing: Miss Procrastination at Nyancon!
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Coming from Youngstown, Ohio we have our newest cosplay guest announcement…

Cosplaying since 2010, Miss Procrastination is a Youngstown Ohio native, amateur model, cosplayer, avid convention goer and advocate for cosplayers with disabilities. Miss Procrastination holds herself as a jack of all trades and a master of none. Like many cosplayers, Miss Procrastination struggles to balance her love for cosplay and life in general, however she does so and has the blood sweat and tears to prove it. Having created numerous costumes from various genres, she wishes to serve as an inspiration to others that if she can do it, you can do it. Having and understanding the battle of dealing with social anxiety and other disabilities, Miss Procrastination often hosts panels to help others with the same traits. True to her name, she usually sits around with her five cats, watching anime and stressing last minute about the next convention and cosplays. Always a student, she is constantly looking to improve her costume making abilities including armor fabrication and makeup as well as teaching others in panels and tutorials specializing in cosplay on a budget.

If you wish to become a fan and follow her work, check out her Facebook.

Lady of Rohan returns to Nyancon!
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A returning guest, Lady of Rohan braves the wasteland!

Linds, known as Lady of Rohan online, has been cosplaying at conventions since 2007, and modeling since 2012. As an avid gamer, she loves recreating outfits from her favorite series and getting into character. Her favorite genre is horror!

Her cosplay has been featured by Kotaku, as well as companies such as Capcom, Naughty Dog, and Bethesda. She also frequently participates with costumed events at Mentor Barnes and Noble. When not cosplaying or attending conventions, Linds can be found writing, Twitch-streaming,  cuddling with her cat, and creating unique jewelry pieces inspired by video games and nerd culture.

Check her out on Facebook or Instagram right now!

Photo credit: Jurai Media

2D6 makes their Nyancon return!
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“..a legendary musical group.” “No band has influenced pop culture the way they have.” “Irrepressible and irresistible, they were — and remain –the world’s most astonishing band.”

The band? The Beatles, whom 2d6 once listened to. They were pretty good! Those descriptions were probably pretty accurate! But 2d6 is okay, too. They’re a couple of nerds, who were once a couple of animals, who found a pair of six sided-dice after running away from a lab–listen, the backstory’s a lot to take in; suffice it to say: 2d6 likes to rap about geeky pop culture. Anime, video games, comic books, roleplaying, 2d6 covers it all! And not only do they do it, they do it with more energy, verve, and panache than any other band you’ve ever seen. Listen, nerds know a lot about words. Rappers must know a lot of words to succeed. QED, nerds are the best rappers. So let 2d6 to rap at you while they pelt you with a ton of candy. Check out 2d6 @ 2d6music.com!

We need YOUR help to make NyanCon 2017 amazing
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Hello Lakelanders, Lakeland’s very own anime and pop culture convention, Nyancon, is coming October 7th.

We need your assistance though to make it grander than ever! We’re looking for people willing to share their skills and knowledge, or just plain entertain in panels.

Show off your anime or pop culture abilities or educate us on a related subject! We are taking applications through August and no past experience is needed.

 If you have any questions about applying to be a panelist at NyanCon, please contact us at [email protected]
Pretz now an official sponsor!
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We are happy to announce that with the cooperation of Glico, Pretz will be an official sponsor of NyanCon! The sponsorship will include a donation of products for our patron’s enjoyment, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t love some Pretz <3

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For those who aren’t familiar with Pretz, they are savory pretzel stick that comes in a variety of common and exotic flavors. Visit them here



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