Get your dance on with Abracadabra!

businesscardnyanAbracadabra is a K-pop, J-pop, and Anime dance cover group from Cleveland, Ohio, celebrating their fifth year anniversary since their debut  in 2011! Abracadabra has gone on to compete and be finalists in all of Perfume’s Official Dance contests, performed at conventions all across the mid-west, and hosted over 25 performance panels. Their most recent accolade is snatching up  2nd place at the Cleveland Asian Festival’s K-pop Dance Cover Contest!

They’re so excited to be back for their 4th Nyancon performance, and thrilled to see all the wonderful staff and con-goers they’ve come to know and love!

Make sure to catch their trademark dance cover performance. As well as their hyper energetic dance workshop!

You can find them on their website, their Facebook, and their YouTube channel!

Take a dip with Gem, Mermaid of the Sea!

rf09022016-61-2Mermaid Gem is the Cleveland area’s premier professional mermaid! A former Lakeland student, Gemma Lascio’s lifelong passion for the ocean and extensive background in theatre helped motivate her to grow her fins. Gem has appeared at a variety of events across the country since 2013, including notable local venues such as Greater Cleveland Aquarium and Great Lakes Medieval Faire. She strives to make a splash and encourage people of all ages to ignite their wildest dreams!

You can find Mermaid Gem on her Facebook, Instagram, and Weebly pages!

Gem is also a member of The Ohio Mermaids!

Action Comedy Nerd Show bursts into the scene!


Time to meet Action Comedy Nerd Show.  They’re a group of comedian who love pop culture and travel the country going to conventions and venues to perform for fans of Nerd Comedy.  Here’s a bit from them specifically!

We cover any and all aspects of nerd culture, from Star Wars to Role Playing, from Sports to Marvel vs DC, Games of Thrones to whatever is on your TV, down to our daily lives as nerds living in an adult world!  The Action Comedy Nerd Show is led by Dan Brown and Jerry Jaffe, two working comedians who between them have performed in thousands of comedy shows.  (Don’t tell anyone, but THESE nerd shows are our favorites because we finally get to hang out with and tell jokes for people just like us!)

In the photos, Dan Brown is on the left, Jerry Jaffe is on the right. You can find a video of Dan here, and a video of Jerry here! They also have their own websites for Dan and Jerry! Make sure to check them out!


Time for a taste of Japan with Ohio Kimono!

 We’d love to welcome the return of Ohio Kimono, a previous Nyancon vendor! This time, Ohio Kimono will be attending as a guest as well, introducing you to proper kimono wearing and workshops! 

received_1348328228514625Ohio Kimono is a passionate educator with a focus on traditional Japanese culture, art history, and women’s cultural studies. Since 2009 she has travelled around the midwest sharing the joy of wearing kimono, and helping others discover the joy of Japanese ethnic clothing. At NyanCon she is going to teach a hands on kimono workshop, people are encourage to bring their own kimono and get tips and tricks on dressing. The kimono dressing class is beginner friendly, and perfect for people new to wearing kimono.

Attendees do not need to bring a kimono to the class to attend.

You can find Ohio Kimono on their website, their Facebook, Instagram, or even buy a kimono from them  on their Etsy!

Get ready for Wake!

IMG_1167Wake has been an artist for as long as he has had conscious memory.  His very first memory is drawing, with crayon firmly in hand, epic Godzilla battles into his tattered spiral notebook.  His influences have been monster movies and American comic books, until, as a teenager, he was introduced by a wonderful otaku to the film Akira.  He quickly found the world of anime to be vast and seemingly endless, holding untold riches: the rest they say is history.  Wake now finds himself staring into the many influences throughout his own love of story, genre, and anime/manga in his own personal artistic works.

He is currently working on his series called Blacklight Orphan.  Blacklight Orphan is a surrealist story in a cyberpunk setting.

Check him out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Introducing our first musical act…Ghost in Blue!

Ghost in Blue is a J-Rock cover band based out of Stow, OH. Making their first appearance at Nyancon, they hope to deliver a performance that will leave you saying “Golly gee Willickers! That show was swell!” Keep an ear open for some of your favorite anime tunes from Deathnote, Erased, Naruto, and more! Stick around afterwards for fine dining and deep conversations while gazing deep into the stars…

GhostinBlueGhost in Blue is:
Sean Goodrich, Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Thomas O’Malley, Bass
Joe Studer, Lead Guitar

Say hello to David Russell!

NyanoxakjasdaBorn in Painesville, Ohio, David studied Industrial Design at the Art Institute in Pittsburgh and Fine Art at Lakeland Community College and Academy of Art University. In 2010 he began his art career with the northeast Ohio publishing house, Bystander Group LLC. At Bystander, he supplies covers and interior art for the magazines, Bystander Presents and The Vampire Gazette along with several novels which include: The Expediters, The Camelot Memo, Orson vs. Alfred: Linking the Legends, and the ongoing Bystander Adventure Series.

You can see some of his work on the Bystander Group Facebook page!

Fresh from the vault, it’s Lindsey Glinka!

13403272_1801792353390845_7102673215866919323_oLinds, also known as Lady of Rohan, has been cosplaying for more than 10 years, and modeling since 2012. She’s an avid gamer, and loves recreating outfits of her favorite characters!

Her cosplay has been featured by Kotaku, as well as companies such as Capcom, Naughty Dog, and Bethesda, including the official page of The Evil Within (her favorite game).

When not cosplaying or attending conventions, Linds can be found writing and creating jewelry pieces inspired by video games and nerd culture.

You can find Linds at her Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, or Tumblr!

Chris Lambert returns to Nyancon 2016!

Chris Lambert

Being interested in literature from a very early age, Chris Lambert began writing as a professional at the age of 16 for the Cleveland Scene Magazine, interviewing and reviewing such rock legends as Rod Stewart, Humble Pie, J. Geils Band, Yes, Heart and stars connected with the Beatles Apple Records label such as Billy Preston, Badfinger and more.

After three years of rock journalism, Chris went back to his love of comic books, writing hero histories and analyzing trends as he wrote for Comic Book Marketplace and the Kirby Collector, being labeled “The Will Rogers of Comic Books.”  After spending a few years as an Overstreet Advisor to the yearly Comic Book Price Guide, Mr. Lambert created and wrote the independent comic character…Happy.  He capped off the early part of his writing career by contributing to the best seller, “Superman at 50,” with comic legends, Denny O’Neil, Curt Swan, Harvey Pekar and partner Dr. Phil Skerry.

Attention was being gathered around Mr. Lambert’s career as he wrote, voiced and co-produced a daily history of a comics type radio show, called “The Comic Corner.” Shortly afterwards, Chris wrote for PLUS,
Project Literacy U. S.  This was the brainchild of First Lady, Barbara Bush and as his tenure there ended, Mr. Lambert received a (still) coveted “thank you” letter from the White House.

From there, Chris spent a dozen years as a columnist for the News-Herald, writing about comics, film and real life subjects.  He returned to the rock and roll world long enough to edit a book on the history of Apple Records rock band…Badfinger.  Then after assisting the producer on a Pete Ham (key member of Badfinger) solo CD, Mr. Lambert contributed writing to The VH-1 “Behind the Music” series for television.

After a very short stint writing for the Sci-Fi channel, Chris began blogging for the News-Herald on the subject of comic books and teaching both film and comics at Lakeland Community College while lecturing at Cleveland State and Lake Erie College. Then came three years as a co-host of the radio show…”The Friday Show.”  Mr. Lambert has continued that trend talking film (and comics) on the weekly podcast “Lambert and Lynch in the Lobby.”

Starting five years ago, Chris has also begun performing a one man show on the life of film genius, Orson Welles. Call this cosplay for movie legends.  At the same time, Mr. Lambert has created and written a line of pulp novels for the Bystander Group LLC. These novels feature sci-fi, super heroes, supernatural as well as adventure and children’s themes.  He appears regularly at local conventions and the Mentor Barnes and Noble.