What is Nyancon?
NyanCon is a one-day, local anime and pop culture convention in Northeast Ohio sponsored by ASAP (Active Society for Animation Preservation) of Lakeland Community College. With live performances, cosplay, vendors and artists, all fandoms are welcome at the best Caturday ever!
Where is Nyancon?
Lakeland Comunity College
7700 Clocktower Dr
Kirtland, OH 44094
2D6 makes their Nyancon return!
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“..a legendary musical group.” “No band has influenced pop culture the way they have.” “Irrepressible and irresistible, they were — and remain –the world’s most astonishing band.”

The band? The Beatles, whom 2d6 once listened to. They were pretty good! Those descriptions were probably pretty accurate! But 2d6 is okay, too. They’re a couple of nerds, who were once a couple of animals, who found a pair of six sided-dice after running away from a lab–listen, the backstory’s a lot to take in; suffice it to say: 2d6 likes to rap about geeky pop culture. Anime, video games, comic books, roleplaying, 2d6 covers it all! And not only do they do it, they do it with more energy, verve, and panache than any other band you’ve ever seen. Listen, nerds know a lot about words. Rappers must know a lot of words to succeed. QED, nerds are the best rappers. So let 2d6 to rap at you while they pelt you with a ton of candy. Check out 2d6 @ 2d6music.com!

We need YOUR help to make NyanCon 2017 amazing
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Hello Lakelanders, Lakeland’s very own anime and pop culture convention, Nyancon, is coming October 7th.

We need your assistance though to make it grander than ever! We’re looking for people willing to share their skills and knowledge, or just plain entertain in panels.

Show off your anime or pop culture abilities or educate us on a related subject! We are taking applications through August and no past experience is needed.

 If you have any questions about applying to be a panelist at NyanCon, please contact us [email protected]
Pocky now an official sponsor!
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We are happy to announce that with the cooperation of Gilco, Pocky will be an official sponsor of NyanCon! The sponsorship will include a donation of products for our patron’s enjoyment, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t love some Pocky <3

If you’re hyped for Nyancon 2017 tweet your excitement to @Pocky and @NyanCon!

Mermaid Gem makes a splash!
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Back for another Nyancon, we’re happy to have our favorite mermaid, Mermaid Gem! We can’t wait to see her!

Mermaid Gem is the Cleveland area’s premier professional mermaid! A former Lakeland student, Gemma Lascio’s lifelong passion for the ocean and extensive background in theatre helped motivate her to grow her fins. Gem has appeared at a variety of events across the country since 2013, including notable local venues such as Greater Cleveland Aquarium and Great Lakes Medieval Faire. She strives to make a splash and encourage people of all ages to ignite their wildest dreams!


You can find Mermaid Gem on her Facebook, Instagram, and Weebly pages!

Gem is also a member of The Ohio Mermaids!

More nerd comedy comes to Nyancon 2017!
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Ready for another hot returning guest?! Action Comedy Nerd Show returns for their second Nyancon! 

We are the Action Comedy Nerd Show.  We are a group of comedian who love pop culture and travel the country going to conventions and venues to perform for fans of Nerd Comedy.  We cover any and all aspects of nerd culture, from Star Wars to Role Playing, from Sports to Marvel vs DC, Games of Thrones to whatever is on your TV, down to our daily lives as nerds living in an adult world!  The Action Comedy Nerd Show is led by Dan Brown and Jerry Jaffe, two working comedians who between them have performed in thousands of comedy shows.  (Don’t tell anyone, but THESE nerd shows are our favorites because we finally get to hang out with and tell jokes for people just like us!)

In the photos, Dan Brown is on the left, Jerry Jaffe is on the right. You can find a video of Dan here, and a video of Jerry here! They also have their own websites for Dan and Jerry! Make sure to check them out!

Introducing our first guest, fan favorite: Ghost in Blue!
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We’re absolutely thrilled to have Ghost in Blue back for their SECOND Nyancon! They were easily our most requested guest return so far, and we can’t wait to hear them again.
You can find their bio below!

Ghost in Blue is a J-Rock cover band based out of Stow, OH. Making their second appearance at Nyancon, they hope to deliver a performance that will leave you saying “Oh man, I’m glad I saw that Blue Ghost thing!” Keep an ear open for some of your favorite anime tunes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Erased, and more! Stick around afterwards for fine dining and deep conversations while gazing deep into the stars…

Ghost in Blue is:

Sean Goodrich, Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Thomas O’Malley, Bass
Joe Studer, Lead Guitar
Jordan Solitro, Drums

Be sure to give them a “like” on Facebook and tell them what anime song you want to hear at Facebook.com/ghostinblueofficial or follow them on Twitter @GhostinBlueBand

Why we’re charging for this year’s Nyancon
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This decision wasn’t an easy one to make. We’ve debated this for a while now, but with last year’s attendance hitting an all time high we noticed our funds taking an absolutely massive hit. Previous Nyancon couldn’t be brought to you without many of the student body’s personal funds being hit in some way, shape, or form. When meetings for Nyancon 2017 started, we weren’t even sure we’d be able to hold it. We were in one of the worst places we’ve been in financially as a club in the entire time the club has been together. So we started thinking. More bake sales, more fundraising, nothing we imagined could possibly help to make Nyancon as amazing as we want it to be. So the college’s student leadership suggested an entry fee.

We loved being free. We felt that it was the perfect way to bring a slice of conventions to our hometown and give as much to the anime and pop culture community as we could. Last year was amazing. With just under 2500 attendees, we never imagined our little convention would grow so big. The bad side of growth though is that costs start to rise. More security, more space, more rentals, more advertising. Every dime counts when planning. So we decided as a team that we had to have the fee. But, we’re making as many steps to make it as absolutely positive as we can. Kids under 5 will always have access to Nyancon for free, and we’re looking into other ways to bring discounts and value to attendees. So, this year’s Nyancon will have a $5 entry fee. You can be assured that with this badge you will have access to everything Nyancon has become known for. We’re looking at bringing even more amazing guests to you as well as more musical acts than we’ve ever had. We’ve looked at the feedback that you’ve given us and are doing everything we can to meet these expectations. We’re hopeful that despite the change, you’ll find $5 an acceptable hit for everything we provide. What you get for Nyancon 2017’s entry fee will be announced soon.

Again, we know this will be met with resistance, but we hope you understand exactly why we’re having to charge. And don’t worry. Any money raised by the event will go into making next year’s Nyancon an even more amazing event. The staff is all volunteers with a common goal. We all want you to have fun, and become heroes.

Expect more info soon, and thank you for all of your understanding.

-Nyancon Staff

Heroes! Prepare for Nyancon 2017!
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We’re very happy to announce that Nyancon 2017 will be taking place once again at Lakeland Community College on October 7th, 2017.

We’ll be opening vendor and artist as well as panelist applications soon, make sure to follow our Facebook page here!

This year’s theme is HEROES. Be it super powered or our local heroes that help us every day, heroes inspire us to be the best person that we can be. With Nyancon 2017, we aim to build ourselves into the best we can be. This will for sure be an awkward year, with many transitions, but we can’t wait to step up to the challenge and do everything we can to make Nyancon the best caturday yet!

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