Vendors & Artists

Vendor & Artist Applications are open!
After filling this out, you will hear back around July 15th. 

Our Artists & Vendors are a huge part of what makes Nyancon successful! In the past, we’ve had over 2,500 attendees, and they’re all looking to spend money! That’s where you step in.

Submission of this application is not a guarantee of entry, nor is it a first-come first-served basis! The Dealer’s Room is juried, which means we review all submissions and decide approval based on the variety we want to be able to provide for our attendees. Both Vendors and Artists may NOT sell anything that could be deemed NC-17 or above. This is a Lakeland Community College guideline and any individual found breaking this rule will be immediately banned from the current and future events, as well as Lakeland Community College. (Plus, please! Won’t someone think of the children!?)

Approved entrants will be emailed in mid July. Those accepted will then be asked to send a payment to reserve their spot no later than August 24th.  Those denied will be wait-listed and in the case of cancellations they may be asked to fill in. Artist rates include one (1) badge, whereas vendor rates include up to two (2) badges. If there are any further badges needed, they can be purchased at a discounted rate.

This year’s Nyancon Dealer’s Room rates are as follows:

Artist: $75USD | Apply HERE
The Artist table is one (1) 6ft table. You may decorate/design the table as much as you can without causing damage/harm to the property. Artists may only sell their own works, including but not in any way limited to fan art creations. You may NOT resell items at an artist table. If you wish to do a limited Nyancon 2018 Item, please discuss this with us ahead of time! Artists can apply for more than one table, but that is up to the discretion of the staff to approve this request.

Vendor: $100USD | Apply HERE
The Vendor tables are two (2) 6ft Tables, located next to each other unless a corner spot is applied. You may decorate/design the table as much as you can without causing damage/harm to the property. Vendors are listed as resellers of merchandise, goods, and products. Vendors may only sell officially licensed goods (No bootlegs, etc).