Panels and Events

Panel submissions are open! 

Panels and workshops are presentations by fellow attendees about a certain subject, whether it be a show, game, genre or idea. We are proud to bring a diversity of panels ranging from first-timer to Veteran panels.Please consider bringing your expertise to NyanCon Panels and let’s fill up every room! Application at bottom of page

Compensation Policy

Beginning for Nyancon 2019, we are starting a new compensation policy.

Each approved panelist will receive a compensated badge and access to complimentary snacks at con-ops. psst, we get the good snacks.

Panelist and Co-panelists must check in half an hour before each panel. Each person must check in on their own. You CANNOT check in for someone else.

If you have multiple panels in a row, you can check into multiple at once. If there is any gap in between panels, you must check in before going to your next panel.

The number of total panelists allowed in a panel is at the discretion of the programming department. If we feel the number of panelists you are applying for is inappropriate, we will contact you.

Featured Panelist’s

Featured panelists are return panelist that people rant and rave about from year to year.  We want to see more people grow their panels and get the recognition they deserve!


  • 3+ approved panels each year
  • We cant stop hearing about you from attendees, ask your attendees to spread the word!
  • Seriously…thats it!


  • Preferred scheduling, we meet or chat with you and discuss your preferences in depth.
  • Being published on our Facebook page and website
  • Other exclusive perks!

Rising star award

The rising star awards is an award given to one exceptional panelist/Group that given time and support can grow to be a star. This is to acknowledge panelists that are just starting to make a name for themselves.


  • Shout-out given of Facebook 
  • Preferred scheduling for following year

Panel Guidelines

  1. Harassment in any form is prohibited at Nyancon, consequences of such activities are at the sole discretion of Nyancon staff and local authorities.
  2. Panelist ages must be in accordance with the panels age rating. Head panelist must be 18 years of age, co-panelists may assist at age 16
  3. The panel ratings are color-coded; Green is acceptable for all ages, Yellow may have questionable content and Red is an 18+ rating that may include violence, language and/or sexual themes.
  4. NyanCon promotes a wide range of programming, we encourage new and returning panelists to use exciting names and mix up content from year to year, as to keep panels fresh and engaging.
  5. If you are attending NyanCon as a group and have several panels, please indicate this in the form, this helps us to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  6. Please indicate any special requests or group notifications in your applications. We work diligently to accommodate everyone, but we cannot guarantee any requests.
  7. If you find a conflict in our preliminary schedule, please notify us immediately. If this is not reported and you do not attend your scheduled panel, you may lose your badge compensation.
  8. Your panel description may be adjusted for grammatical correctness, but your content will not be changed. If there is an issue with an application, you will be contacted.
  9. Panel confirmations will not be mailed out until after submissions close.