Panel submissions are open! 

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Panels and workshops are presentations by fellow attendees about a certain subject, whether it be a show, game, genre or idea. NyanCon’s panels are 100% attendee presented. This means that we’re completely dependent on whatever submissions we get for that year and while we can control approval, we can’t control what kinds of panels get submitted in the first place. Please consider bringing your expertise to NyanCon Panels and let’s fill up every room!

Panels must have structure! Any event should have pre-determined talking points, facts, or form. Improv events may constitute as an act and should be submitted as an event. Panelists know the ins and outs of their subject and a well-researched and thoughtful presentation will go a long way with any convention attendee. Many subjects are accepted at NyanCon, anything from ‘Anime Anime Anime’ to ‘Led Zeppelin and Hobbits’ is acceptable as long as it is a part of geek culture.

Panelists are eligible for compensation for their panels!

1-3 Hours of paneling- 2 compensated badges

4-7 Hours of paneling 3 compensated badges + $15 in meal coupons

8+ Hours of paneling 4 compensated badges + $20 in meal coupons + Merch

All Panelists are eligible to use the NyanConGo and the Panelist Facebook page.

Links coming soon!


Panel Guidelines

  1. Bullying and bashing are not acceptable in any panel. You may have your own opinions about certain fandoms or people, but please be respectful of those people that might be in your panel. Hate is not conducive to a fun convention environment.
  2. Lead panelists must be 16 years or older and at least 50% of panel presenters must be 16 or over.
  3. The panel ratings are color-coded; Green is acceptable for all ages, Yellow may have questionable content and Red is an 18+ rating that may include violence, language and/or sexual themes. NC-17 (porn, extreme violence, and gore, etc.) rated subjects are not permitted at NyanCon.  It is up to the parent to make sure that your children are attending age appropriate events. Children are not permitted at Red rated panels under any circumstance. Nyancon staff will require an ID upon entry, any attendees younger than 18 will be turned away.
  4. Appropriate language & content is an absolute must. If staff are aware that a panelist violated the rating restrictions for their panel, they may not be a panelist at future NyanCons.
  5. NyanCon promotes a wide variety of programming and submissions with the same topics will be compared and juried. The submission with the best outline and description will be approved. Grammar, creativity, and thoughtful planning matter! For example: “The Steampunk Hour” had a better outline and direction than “Steampunk 101” and was approved.
  6. Not all submitted material must be approved! NyanCon only has so much space and submitting a panel is not a guarantee that it will be approved.
  7. We will work around your schedule and conflicts, but please prepare to be flexible. NyanCon reserves the right to change the schedule if it is necessary, but you will be notified of any changes to the schedule that affect you.
  8. Your panel description may be adjusted for grammatical correctness, but your content will not be changed. If there is an issue with an application, you will be contacted.
  9. Panel confirmations will not be mailed out until after submissions close.