Exhibit Hall applications are currently open! Please email vendors@nyancon.org for questions concerning the Exhibit Hall.

The Exhibit Hall is a Dealer’s Room for businesses that aren’t selling merchandise or art. Much like a convention alley or info alley at other conventions, we’ll be hosting local organizations that want to advertise and get their name out to our attendees. Paintball companies, haunted houses, conventions, and other geeky endeavors will be welcome.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor, please keep these points in mind:

  1. The Exhibit Hall is NOT the Dealer’s Room for vendors and artists. You may not hold two tables (one in the Exhibit Hall and one in the Dealer’s Room), only one application will be considered. Please go to the Vendors and Artists page to be a vendor or artist.
  2. There is no fee to reserve a table.
  3. There is a limit of one table per exhibitor, no exceptions.
  4. Admission is based on relevance. There’s no specific criteria for what types of exhibitors will be accepted, but the organization must be relevant to convention goers’ interests. For example, a local LARP gaming club would be related but a bowling alley would be less so.
  5. The Exhibit Hall is first-come first-serve pending approval (an application isn’t a guaranteed reservation).
  6. No physical merchandise may be sold in the Exhibit Hall, including t-shirts, books, art, etc. The hall will be located in the Atrium hallway, which is the initial point of entrance to the convention. There is no way for that area to be secured or closed for set up and tear down.
  7. You may offer to sell tickets or badge reservations, pass out pamphlets and flyers, and/or offer special discounts or raffles.
  8. Posters and signs may be displayed on or behind your table, but not in front (unless attached to table and not impeding traffic flow).
  9. Conventions interested in reserving a table must be within 300 miles of NyanCon.
  10. Tables must be staffed for the majority of the day (noon to 8p). Please do not set up a table with information and leave.