Does NyanCon charge admission?

Admission is $5, and includes a badge that allows access to the convention. This change is brought to be able to bring even bigger guests for future NyanCon!

I have an Idea for the Upcoming NyanCon, is there a way for me to contact you?

Absolutely, we are always looking for input from our congoers. Feel free to contact us at the following email: staff@nyancon.org

When is NyanCon?

The date for NyanCon 2019 is Saturday October 5th from 11am – 11pm.

Where is NyanCon located?
Please see Maps and Directions for details.

Is NyanCon family friendly?
Yes!  We enforce ratings on our panel and video schedules. Green is acceptable for all ages, Yellow may have questionable content and Red is an 18+ rating that may include violence, language and/or sexual themes. NC-17 rated subjects are not permitted at NyanCon. Red-rated events will require ID upon entry. If ID is not presented, you will not be allowed entrance. We do not allow any minor into 18+ panels, even with an adult. It is up to the parent to make sure that your children are attending age appropriate events.

I’ve never been to a convention before, what’s it all about?
NyanCon is a great first convention! We’re small, inexpensive, and have a mini version of most things you would find at a big convention! We’ve got celebrity guests, panels, artists and dealers to sell you stuff, and gaming tournaments!

Ohayocon has guests, Colossalcon has amusement parks, so what is NyanCon’s “thing”?
Lakeland Community College is a junior college, inexpensive and easily accessible to everyone to build a strong educational foundation before moving on to a larger college. NyanCon is following suit by providing a solid introduction and experience for everyone to prepare themselves for a bigger, more complicated event. We have all the same aspects of most conventions, but in an easy to understand serving.

Can I talk with you guys and hang out?

Absolutely, Join our discord server here:

What’s with you guys being Anti-Harassment?
NyanCon was founded on the core value that all people, no matter who you are, have access to fun and inclusive entertainment. To provide this, Kirtland Police is placed around lakeland as well as friendly volunteers.

Do you have food on site?
Food is available at “The Buzz” and “On The Run” cafe in the H building and Y building. You can purchase small food, snacks and drinks. We also bring in food trucks from around the area to provide a diverse menu. In 2019 we will have Barrios Tacos and Pulp smoothies. If you have any recommendations please feel free to let us know on Facebook or at staff@nyancon.org. You can also let your favorite food truck know you want them at NyanCon!