Welcome to NyanCon

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NyanCon is held at Lakeland Community College, hosted by the Active Society For Animation Preservation or ASAP. Nyancon is a one-day event and is open to the public.

Starting October of 2017 Nyancon will be charging a fee of $5 for admission, this fee allows us to grow and to be less dependent on the generosity of our sponsors and allows us to keep NyanCon as free as possible from misdirection.

NyanCon is appropriate for all ages with programming ratings and we offer a section just for kids. We’re proud to offer panels on a variety of subjects, a cosplay contest, full gaming area complete with dance, band, video, board, tabletop and card games with tournaments, and so much more! In addition, we also work with local and national talent to bring you a more mainstream convention experience.


Attendance Records (all records are approximate):
MiniCon 2013: 150+
NyanCon 2013: 500+
NyanCon 2014: 1200+
NyanCon 2015: 1500+
NyanCon 2016: 2500+


‘Nya’ is the Japanese onomatopoeia for ‘meow’, so instead of saying “meow meow” when describing a cat’s sound, Japan says “nya nya”. NyanCon is an all-fandoms convention and since many fandoms come from or group together on the Internet (which is fueled by cats), NyanCon was a great, unique fit!


A Kitteh!
Our adorable mascot is Nyan-chan, the calico cat that may or may not steal your soul… Deceptively cute!

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