Nyancon welcomes the return of a featured panelist, Tippsey!
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Tippsey Belouve is an Ohio-born avid entertainer, panelist, and twitch streamer. Always the storyteller, he can be found spinning yarns and sharing his love of mythology, horror and the oddest things you can find on the internet, for the amusement of all. When not regaling others with these tales he can be found researching new content, or nose deep in a video or board game. He has been touring Ohio conventions for over seven years and has been spotted at bigger conventions such as Ohayocon, Colossalcon, and local conventions that contact him. Nyancon, holds a special place for him, and so once a year he travels to unveil his newest panels upon its crowds, sharing games that were never known. And detailing the exploits in fanfics, only to wrap it all up with campfire like scary stories that cause one to jump at shadows for months after the event. For those to excited to wait to see him, he streams triweekly at his twitch page!