Featured Panelist & Cosplayer: EmCat Cosplay!
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EmCat Cosplay is a self-proclaimed fangirl, cosplayer, writer, and panelist from the Midwest. She started her cosplay journey in 2012 after falling in love with the community at her local convention. Since then, she’s found a passion for representing her favorite characters and series, especially the Persona/MegaTen games and her favorite girl Ann Takamaki. More than anything, EmCat loves to reach out to others and encourage them to cosplay what they love, regardless of negative stigma. Cosplay has the power to change lives in a positive way, and she’s here to reinforce that message.

Outside of brainstorming cosplay ideas, EmCat loves to host meetups, photoshoots, and panels with an emphasis on fun and audience interactivity. She’s also a graduate student who is dedicated to studying the emotional and educational impact of video games, and is working on bringing her research to both conventions and the academic world. Em writes for a real-life career, and in her free-time, she develops articles for sites like Nerd Much and Lifted Geek. She also is the Con-Chair and social media promoter for her college’s convention and is dedicated to making a quality annual event where fandoms can come together and be themselves.

You can find EmCat Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Photo credit: Ruffshots Photography