What is Nyancon?
NyanCon is a one-day, local anime and pop culture convention in Northeast Ohio sponsored by ASAP (Active Society for Animation Preservation) of Lakeland Community College. With live performances, cosplay, vendors and artists, all fandoms are welcome at the best Caturday ever!
Where is Nyancon?
Lakeland Comunity College
7700 Clocktower Dr
Kirtland, OH 44094
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TastyPeach Studios

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Tekko (formerly Tekkoshocon) is an annual Japanese Pop Culture convention, currently in its 16th year,  held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tekko is presented by a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society (PittJCS).

The original name,Tekkoshocon, was a blend of the Japanese colloquialism tekkosho, meaning steel mill (a reference to Pittsburgh’s industrial steel-producing history), and adapting the suffix “-con” (from convention).



Campus Activities Board of Lakeland Community College

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CAB is responsible for bringing various social, educational and entertainment events to campus. CAB membership is open to any Lakeland student interested in planning programs such as the annual Halloween Bash and Spring Fling, movies, performers, and interactive events. CAB officers are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for their work. Stop by the CAB office in S-224 today!


Lakeland Student Government of Lakeland Community College

LSG is the representative body of the students of Lakeland. The board consists of nine members. LSG representatives participate in various decision-making committees on campus that are responsible for rules and regulations governing the entire college. LSG officers are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for their work. Stop by the LSG office in S-226 today!

Science Club of Lakeland Community College

The Science Club’s primary purpose will be to increase interest in science both from students and surrounding community members in the various activities that Lakeland Community College has to offer.









ASAP (Active Society for Animation Preservation)

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NyanCon was founded in 2013 thanks to the determined members of Anime Anonymous (Now ASAP) and the diligent support of Lakeland Community Colleges’ staff and faculty. ASAP is the resident anime club at Lakeland Community College founded in 2010 that is committed to providing a community of geeks that can socialize and make new friends. Our weekly meetings and numerous events are open to LCC students and the public.


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