Announcing Eargasm Comedy as an official guest!
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The Eargasm comedy showcase is bringing it’s dirty humor to Nyancon! If you’ve never been to a stand-up show, get ready for the ROFLCopter of a lifetime. The headliner this year is Michael Ivy (from Fox TV’s “Laughs!”) A fan of Ghost in the shell in general and Motoko Kusanagi in specific. Hosted by the very kawaii host of the Eargasm comedy showcase, Ryan Weiss. (The Otaku CEO) tickets are 25gil a piece (free) and there will be pocky. But not the gross flavors. ≥^•^≤ (*•*)

We’re also going to be holding a mini cosplay contest and photo booth!! The 1st and 2nd place will win FREE Tickets to our HUGE theatre show on Nov 30th and sit on the VIP couch of stickiness!! Get ready to experience an eargasm!!
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