Nyancon 2017’s Cosplay Hunt!
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Cosplay is a staple at many conventions and Nyancon is no different. We’ve heard your concerns about the lack of a cosplay contest, and we wanted to go ahead and start explaining what will be happening with Nyancon 2017.

In the past, we’ve held cosplay competitions with just a few prizes. While the prizes were higher stakes, we often felt that there weren’t enough people confident enough to enter into contests. So. This year we’re trying something a bit different. This is by no means how Nyancon will operate in the future, but this is a year of trial and execution.

Throughout the hours of 3pm-7pm, various Nyancon staff will be on the lookout for exceptional cosplay. These staff members will hold special cards that selected cosplays will be given. If you are given one of these cards, simply take it to Con Ops to receive a prize! There are no over-complicated rules, any cosplay is fair game! The only rules being that Nyancon guests/featured cosplayers are unable to win a cosplay prize, and you can only win one prize this year!

But Nyancon Staff, how many winners will there be? What are the prizes? 

There will be 8 (Eight) $25 Amazon Gift Card winners, as well as 2 (Two) $50 Amazon Gift Card winners. You will also receive a framed certificate stating just how awesome your cosplay was!
We know there are some concerns, and we’re listening! Our biggest goal with this was to reward more cosplayers for their creativity and amazing costumes. We can’t wait to see the creativity this year, and in the years to come. If this ends up being a huge flop, we promise to take that into consideration for future years!

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