We took our time announcing: Miss Procrastination at Nyancon!
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Coming from Youngstown, Ohio we have our newest cosplay guest announcement…

Cosplaying since 2010, Miss Procrastination is a Youngstown Ohio native, amateur model, cosplayer, avid convention goer and advocate for cosplayers with disabilities. Miss Procrastination holds herself as a jack of all trades and a master of none. Like many cosplayers, Miss Procrastination struggles to balance her love for cosplay and life in general, however she does so and has the blood sweat and tears to prove it. Having created numerous costumes from various genres, she wishes to serve as an inspiration to others that if she can do it, you can do it. Having and understanding the battle of dealing with social anxiety and other disabilities, Miss Procrastination often hosts panels to help others with the same traits. True to her name, she usually sits around with her five cats, watching anime and stressing last minute about the next convention and cosplays. Always a student, she is constantly looking to improve her costume making abilities including armor fabrication and makeup as well as teaching others in panels and tutorials specializing in cosplay on a budget.

If you wish to become a fan and follow her work, check out her Facebook.

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